Our Produce

Our market has grown over the years from small beginnings to become a local center for a wide variety of produce, ranging from fruit and vegetables and home-made jams to dairy products and salsas. You can get some idea of our selection of produce by taking a look at the selection below. 

Our Fruit and Vegetables

We supply a whole range of fresh fruits and vegetables in season. You won't find anything this delicious in a supermarket!

  • you-pick strawberries and gooseberries
  • hard-to-find James Grieves apples
  • more lettuce for your salads
  • garlic and onions

Our Dairy Produce

There is nothing like fresh milk when it comes to making good butter, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. You can really taste the difference!

  • non-homogenized milk
  • real buttery butter
  • our specialty cheeses
  • a wide variety of yogurt flavors

Our Home-Made Produce

You are sure to love our home-made produce! It's as though you'd made it in your very own kitchen!

  • delicious jams
  • salsas for every occasion
  • bread straight from the oven
  • blueberry and pecan syrup
  • seasonal pies and pastries